Lets Elope

Eloping is far easier to plan logistically than a full-fledged wedding. You won’t have to worry about hiring caterers or sending out invites to hundreds of people. The opinions of your family and friends are inconsequential; you and your partner have complete control.


All you need is.

  1. Authorised Celebrant ( To complete legal documents)
  2. Location for the ceremony. (Can be your back yard or Aqua Package)
  3. Date of wedding must have 30 days notice
  4. Have 2 witnesses.

Points to be aware of

To avoid hurting emotions and surprises after the fact, I recommend informing your parents before you elope. Try to involve your closest friends and family in some way, whether it’s sharing images with them first or hosting a post-marriage BBQ. Be mindful that shocking your closest friends and family with a social media announcement is a big no-no. Make sure to inform them in person, and if someone feels offended or excluded, a handwritten note may go a long way.

What is the meaning of Elope

The term “elope” was first used in the 14th century, when the origin of the word “aloper” signified “jump.” However, by the 17th century, the term elope had taken on a very particular meaning: “to flee from her spouse in the company of a lover.” While its past may be scandalous, eloping nowadays is not. In fact, it’s becoming extremely prevalent among modern couples.

Eloping became less popular as time passed. Eloping became common during the Great Depression because most people lacked the financial means to arrange a wedding. Elopements were practical, which is how they earned their image as a less expensive alternative to the traditional wedding.

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