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Marriage is attractive with the wedding ceremonies I can offer to you. They can be simple and elegant to complex and extravagant. Either way, I will design the ceremony to reflect the values you share. Reflect on the feelings you have for each other. Doing this will allow you to share the moment with the most important people in your life.

A love story that spans decades How fantastic would that be? You could be nervous right now, but what if this is the only chance you’ll ever have to have someone love you unconditionally?

Reasons why Marriage is attractive

  1. To have someone constantly hold your hand.
  2. To be able to kiss someone good night and good morning every day.
  3. To share a surname with your partner or to combine surnames with your lover.
  4. To be a two-person team capable of completing and succeeding in any challenge.
  5. Having someone to start new traditions with.
  6. Cuddle buddy/sex partner for life.
  7. You can experience life together and always love each other.
  8. You can phone, text, email, and say whatever you want without worrying about “frightening your spouse away.” This is why marriage is attractive.
  9. We have all been in love in our lifetimes, and at this moment, we are reminded that the ability to love is the best part of our humanity.
  10. You’ll go through life together as partners and best friends.

How often do you encounter an elderly couple holding hands after 60 years of marriage as you stroll down the street? You could call it adorable. This could be you. Marriage is attractive.


Trust is one of the most crucial components for a solid, happy, and prosperous marriage. It is also essential that you and your spouse have complete faith in one another, stand by one another, and to watch each other’s backs. However, if you’re concerned that your significant other may be unfaithful and expecting that getting married would stop them from doing so. The main point is that it’s not the ideal time to get married if you have concerns about your partner’s loyalty and are unsure whether they can fully commit to you. Getting married will increase make any unresolved trust issues worse.

On the other hand, if you have total confidence in this person and feel you can always count on them no matter what, it is time to get married. Marriage is attractive.

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Marriage is attractive

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