There are many questions you’ll need to consider while deciding on a wedding venue location, and the process can feel rather overwhelming. Will it be a large or small wedding? Outside or inside? Stylish or rustic? Establishing the fundamentals of your wedding will enable you and your spouse to select the ideal location from among the numerous available options. Let me help you with one or two selections.

My first choice for a Wedding Venue.

Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club

If you both are looking for a stunning venue with Port Phillip Bay and Melbourne City as the backdrop for your ceremony and reception. Look no further than The RVMYC. Which is located on the water in Nelsons Place Williamstown VIC. A beautiful location on the water where you do not have the worry about getting sand in your dress and shoes.

Wedding venue

A Country Feel

Whitehaven Receptions

Whitehaven is both charming and distinctive. It’s in a lovely location for people seeking something unique. They provide a variety of options for holding your ceremony and reception. Either inside or outside in their lovely, manicured gardens.

Whitehaven Receiption

While there are wedding venues to consider. It is completely up to you and your partner to choose where your special day will be. Remember, it is your day, and you can decide where you want to be. It doesn’t matter where you get married. I will create the ceremony to remember at any wedding venue you decide on.

Why should you just do the traditional run of the mill ceremony, lets plan a wedding ceremony that is entirely you. Throw the tradition out the window and let’s start from scratch, let me help you develop a ceremony that reflects your relationship.

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