Wedding ceremonies I can offer to you can be simple and elegant to complex and extravagant. Either way, I will design the ceremony to reflect your values you share. Reflect the feelings you have for each other. By doing this you will be able to share this with the most important people in your life.

Wedding ceremonies are generally the shortest and least thought of part of your wedding day. Therefore, while it is very important to you, it often falls down on the list of priorities for many couples, after things like food, wedding party style, or music. Let me make it as simple as possible for you. I want to give your ceremony the thought and attention it deserves! I have already created a guide to the order of a ceremony plan, and today I have created a wedding ceremony list to ensure that your ceremony is beautiful, memorable, and runs well.

Some of the questions I will ask you:

  • Ceremony
    • PA for everyone to hear.
    • Is the ceremony indoors or outdoors?
    • Do you want something different to traditional?
    • How did you both meet?
    • Who would you like to give a special welcome to?
    • When did you fall in love?
    • Who is giving the Bride away?
    • What have been some memorable moment?
    • Who will be reading or talking?
    • What type of ritual you would like?
    • What vows suit your personality?
    • Wedding Rings?
    • Who are your witnesses?
    • How would you like to be announced?
  • Signing of Wedding Certificate
    • Pen that works
    • A table for the signing
    • Chairs for the table

These are some of the questions I’ll ask to help me design a ceremony that best serves both of you.

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