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To add a wedding ritual I can design the wedding ceremony to reflect the values you share. Reflect on the feelings you have for each other. Adding a ritual allows you to share your love with the most important people in your life.

Include a sand ceremony in your wedding ritual to make it extra unique.

The Unity Sand Ceremony represents the union of two lives. Each person of the party will be represented by two or more sand colors. Each colour represent everything you and your partner have been and will be in the future.

Some Ideas

Tying the Knot:

After you and your spouse have exchanged your beautifully written vows and symbolic exchange of wedding rings. This is a wedding ritual performed by couples during their ceremony. Usually, couples use a Fisherman’s rope or a ribbon to do this. Tying ropes together as a couple signifies your everlasting connection with each other

Jumping a Broom:

During a wedding ceremony, a broom will be placed on the ground for you and your partner to jump over at the end of the ceremony. This wedding tradition dates back to the 1800’s and has been heavily influenced by African culture. Newlyweds, predominantly  perform this ritual to greet their new married life happily.

Ritual for Lighting of a Unity Candle: 

To administer this wedding ritual in the ceremony, you and your partner’s mother will each place a candle beside an unlighted pillar candle. Once you have both said your genuine vows then you and your spouse will light up the candle. The lighting of the unity candle represents your obligation to your partner.

Writing Love Letters:

Just like the old times, writing love letters will never go out of style. To practice this wedding ritual, you and your spouse will each need to write a love letter to express your undying love for each other before your big day. The letters will then be placed inside a box during your wedding and will be given to each other on your anniversary or any important date in your relationship.

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