Unique wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are reasonably straight forward. Starting with Music, procession, welcoming, reading, vows, kiss, pronouncement, recessional. Now your married. Why not create a unique wedding ceremony.

Why should you just do the traditional run of the mill order, lets plan a wedding ceremony that is entirely you. Throw the tradition out the window and lets start from scratch, let me help you develop a ceremony that reflects your relationship.

Ideas to think about to create your unique wedding ceremony.

  • Choose music that means something to you, be unique.
  • Incorporate the past, present and the future.
  • Consider incorporating both Father and Mother of the Bride
  • Make the ring exchange the focus of the ceremony
  • Think outside the box when it comes to flower girls and page boys
  • Don’t include filler.
  • Use reading from other languages
  • Find a celebrant you connect with.

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