Unless you’re trying for an elegant or neutral appearance, the general rule is to limit yourself to three colours. As an accent, add a metallic colour to your palette. Your wedding will seem chaotic if you try to combine more than three different colours.

Some Ideas

  • For Bohemian weddings, pink, white, and strawberry banana are tranquil, romantic, and have rich fall colours.
  • For industrial-chic weddings, pineapple, charcoal grey, and Cardinal red are a bubbly yet laid-back combination.
  • For a country wedding theme, hunter green, orange, and brown are luxurious, lush, and vibrant.
  • The colours hot red, cameo pink, and Mediterranean blue are ideal for a nautical or beachy scene.
  • The fanciful combination of silver, beige, and dove grey is ideal for a fall wedding.

For more information ideally you would need to have the assistance of a wedding planner.

Ceremony Script can be colourful

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