wedding in the rain

It has been an exciting journey to your wedding day to find out that it is going to rain on the special day of your life. So plan for those occasions.

Planning For Rain

All wedding plans Vow renewals need to consider the possibility of rain. Unless you’re getting married somewhere else with a predictable climate, the need of weatherproofing is necessary to ensure your wedding day goes without a problem!


Waterproof makeup is worth its weight in gold, as any cosmetics user knows. Waterproof makeup is perfect for dealing with most things, whether it’s tears, kisses, or the rain.


1. Have a contingency plan with the venue, if the weather is going to be a problem ask to have a shelter erected over the chairs and the altar.

2. Provide honchos for your guests as this would be the most cost effective and practical for the day.

3. Organise a few special umbrellas for the occasion. These can be given to the parents and grandparents.


After months of organising your dress and your suit be aware it will get dirty on the bottom and the suit, trouser leg will be the same. Try and laugh about it as this moment is your moment and a joyous one at that. Take a change of clothes for that unexpected situation.


This is one person you do not have to worry about, Celebrants are always prepared for the rain.


Rain on your wedding day is considered lucky since it means your marriage will survive. Since a wet knot is incredibly difficult to untie, Therefore when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is reputably just as difficult to undo!

What a great idea it would be to include the knot tying ritual in your ceremony. Rituals for weddings

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